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Diary of Fate - John Haines Entry (27:01)

Fear on Four - Hand in Glove (29:01)

Crisis - The Door of Lo-Ti (20:30)

Vanishing Point - The Stories of J. G. Ballard: The Dinosaur Connection (29:33)

Theater Five - Panic (21:00)

CBS Radio Workshop - King of the Cats (24:09)

Mystery Is My Hobby - Stella Dix is Murdered (24:08)

Diary of Fate - Matt Cooper Entry (27:43)

Fear on Four - His Last Card (28:39)

Crisis - Boomerang (22:18)

Vanishing Point - The Stories of J. G. Ballard: Low Flying Aircraft (29:12)

Theater Five - He Was a Good Boy (19:31)

Strange Doctor Weird - The Tiger Cat (11:17)

Strange Doctor Weird - Murder Ship (11:07)

Mystery Is My Hobby - Hit Plan Gone Astray (23:38)

James Earl Jones -The Raven (08:18)

Diary of Fate Crisis Theater Five Vanishing Point CBS Radio Workshop
Weekly Lineup

Any day you tune in, you'll find some of the best audio drama ever produced! Here are the kind of exciting shows each day holds in store...

Sci-Fi Sunday:

Sundays, we bring you science-fiction from the golden age, as well as more recent original works and adaptations from sci-fi film and literature.

Murder on Monday:

The best of mystery and detective fiction, from locked-room to hard-boiled, as well as a dose of one of your favorites, CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Tuesday Terrors:

Frights to turn your skin pale and your hair white. Trés chic!

Weird Wednesday:

Putting the "Wha...?" back in weird. Menacing monsters and unnameable forces make the middle of the week hellacious.

Thriller Thursday:

Suspense, mystery, action and intrigue... and anything else we can pack in a day!

Friday Night Escape!

A line-up showcasing stories from the series Escape!, as well as similar tales of terror and suspense.

Saturday Adventures:

Hit the ground running with stories of action and adventure in exotic places. Spies, jungles, pirates--we got 'em!

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