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Screen Director's Playhouse - The Uninvited (28:04)

Beyond Midnight - Thing in Cabin 105 (30:53)

Black Mass - The Outsider (22:28)

ARTC- The Colour Out of Space (39:55)

CBSRMT - The Horla (43:14)

Weird Circle - The Werewolf (28:56)

Lights Out - The Author and the Thing (24:18)

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Thunderchild (11:45)

Witch's Tale - The Boa Goddess (24:47)

Quiet Please - Rain on New Year's Eve (24:32)

Spine Chillers - Dracula in White (44:10)

Escape - Three Skeleton Key (29:30)

The Story Lady - Hobgoblin and the Beautiful Lady (1:10)

Weird Circle - What Was lt? (24:51)

Tales from the Crypt - A Little Stranger (37:10)

David McCallum - The Rats in the Walls (54:50)

Creaking Door - Inn Spectre (26:20)

Hall of Fantasy - Demon of the Night (25:08)

CBC Radio - Pontypool Changes Everything (53:44)

Chillers - Who Goes There? (27:55)

Theater 10.30 - The Screaming Skull (27:33)

Music Block (25:23)

Dark Fantasy - The Demon Tree (23:30)

Black Mass - The Ash Tree (30:20)

Escape - Evening Primrose (30:10)

Escape - The Abominable Snowman (27:58)

ARTC - At the Mountains of Madness (36:12)

Mercury Theater - Dracula (55:46)

Fireside Tales - The Monkey's Paw (15:11)

King Kong (36:16)

Dark Fantasy - W is For Werewolf (25:01)

CBSRMT - Frankenstein Revisited (44:36)

Bloodlines - The Dweller in High Places (12:57)

WUHN Radio - The Peoria Plague (54:02)

Inner Sanctum - The Undead (26:22)

Quiet Please - The Thing on the Fourble Board (29:42)

Roddy McDowall - The Hound (22:30)

Christopher Walken - The Raven (8:30)

Hermit's Cave - The Vampire's Desire (24:46)

Mysterious Traveler - Behind The Locked Door (29:58)

Creeps by Night - Walking Dead (24:24)

CBSRMT - The Hand That Refused to Die (44:14)

Josie Cotton - Goodbye, Godzilla (4:52)

19 Nocturne Boulevard - Making Book (30:01)

Future Tense - Born of Man and Woman (29:07)

Mercury Theater on the Air - The War of the Worlds (51:22)

Night of the Living Dead (52:55)

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Coming to you—special for this Halloween weekend—is a day-long tribute to everyone's favorite dinner guest, the humble monster.

Culled from the some of the best shows that we offer to you on a weekly basis, we've sorted and sought and brought together some of the scariest, the eeriest, the creepiest beasties, ghosts and ghoulies that the Theater of the Mind has ever offered.

From horror, science-fiction, obscure shows and favorites like CBS Radio Mystery Theater, we are pleased to bring you the Monsters of Old-Time Radio.

Enjoy them, you will, but we recommend you do so in a comfy chair, with a nice cup of tea and with the lights on.

Twenty-Four Hours:

While Shadowy Realms usually offers its fare in comfortable six-hour blocks, repeated four times per day, we've decided that Halloween is a nice time to take you out of your comfort zone, so we've concocted a playlist that runs for twenty-four hours straight!

Fear Not (or Do):

We know you're only human, and we try not to hold it against you, so we will be repeating our 24-hour block of shows over the weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday will all be pure Halloween terror (and a little music to lighten the mood).

Join us and tell a fiend. We'll see you in the Realms...

Weekly Lineup

Any day you tune in, you'll find some of the best audio drama ever produced! Here's the kind of exciting shows each day holds in store...

Sci-Fi Sunday:

Sundays, we bring you science-fiction from the golden age, as well as more recent original works and adaptations from sci-fi film and literature.

Murder on Monday:

The best of mystery and detective fiction, from locked-room to hard-boiled, as well as a dose of one of your favorites, CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Tuesday Terrors:

Frights to turn your skin pale and your hair white. Tr?s chic!

Weird Wednesday:

Putting the "Wha...?" back in weird. Menacing monsters and unnameable forces make the middle of the week hellacious.

Thriller Thursday:

Suspense, mystery, action and intrigue... and anything else we can pack in a day!

Friday Night Escape!

A line-up showcasing stories from the series Escape!, as well as similar tales of terror and suspense.

Saturday Adventures:

Hit the ground running with stories of action and adventure in exotic places. Spies, jungles, pirates--we got 'em!

Shadowy Realms Radio—issuing from the darkest recesses of the ancient and eldritch port city of Long Beach in that conspicuous consumer-haunted land of mystery known as Southern California.

Shadowy Realms exists for the enjoyment of our listeners and the promotion of the medium of pure audio as a viable platform for scripted entertainment.

Listen, collect, produce and share audio drama!

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