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      Mystery  & the Macabre
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End of the Road for Now Gone Fishin Back in the Fall
Shadowy Realms' broadcast season has ended.
We will return in the Fall!

I truly hope you all have enjoyed your visits to Shadowy Realms over the 2014—2015 Season. We've tried to bring you the kind of programming you want to hear.

When the Realms returns in September, we'll be back with new old shows, an upgraded website and some new content. In other words, a whole new perspective.

I hope you will join us in the Fall for lots more Suspense, Mystery & the Macabre. We'll save a special place for you in the darkest corner of these ... Shadowy Realms.

Shadowy Realms is an online radio station that brings you the very best (and much of the rest) of the most terrifying, spine-tingling, mystifying and nerve-rattling audio drama that radio has ever had to offer, all at absolutely no charge to you! How can we possibly manage this incredible feat? Three things:

  1. Public domain content—We use works for which the copyright has expired, was abandoned or that never did carry one.
  2. Our in-house department of overworked, underpaid wizards—Shadowy Realms does not contract out to inexpensive foreign wizard shops! We subjugate and press into forced labor our own local wizards.
  3. Most importantly—high volume business!

So, when we return in the Fall, remember to listen long and listen often. Somewhere, an overworked wizard will thank you for it.

Shadowy Realms Radio—issuing from the darkest recesses of the ancient and eldritch port city of Long Beach in that conspicuous consumer-haunted land of mystery known as Southern California.

Shadowy Realms exists for the enjoyment of our listeners and the promotion of the medium of pure audio as a viable platform for scripted entertainment.

Listen, collect, produce and share audio drama!

Tune-in to Shadowy Realms radio:

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